Kid Applications

The Humpty Dumpty kindergarden has a capacity of up to 21 children between the ages of 1.5 and five years. Normally between two and four spots become free each year, mostly in August or later. Siblings of children who are already at Humpty Dumpty receive preference when the spots are allocated. The remaining spots are allocated according to the following criteria:

  • Bilingual: As we are a bilingual kindergarden, we only accept children with an English-speaking or bilingual (English-German) background.
  • Age and gender: We aim to have around four children in each year-group at the kindergarten. Within that year-group, we try to keep a balance between boys and girls.
  • Parent Involvement: Willingness of parents to get involved
  • Stability

Humpty Dumpty has a waiting list. Being placed on the waiting list does not entail any legal obligation on either of the parties. The board, in close cooperation with the teaching team, decides which children will be accepted following an interview with the interested parents. Siblings of children already at Humpty Dumpty and children with English-speaking or German-English backgrounds receive preference. We regret that we are unable to offer half-day care.

Normally we only accept new children in August, when the older children start school. When we have places available, we organise informational events for interested parents. We will inform you of the dates of such events by email, if you have registered for the waiting list using the form below. If, after the event, you are interested in sending your child to Humpty Dumpty, we will invite you to take part in an interview.

Currently dozens of children are on the waiting list. Please complete the formula below only if you really interested in a spot. You will not receive a confirmation email. You will be invited to our informational event by email or contacted by telephone if and when we have a free spot for a child of the relevant age group.

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